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Featured Publications

1. Walter, M. J., Kajiwara, N., Karanja, P., Castro, M., and Holtzman, M. J. IL-12 p40 production by barrier epithelial cells during airway inflammation. (2001) J. Exp. Med. 193:339-352. PMCID: PMC2195918 | View here

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9. Wu, K., Byers, D. E., Jin, X., Agapov, E., Alexander-Brett, J., Patel, A. C., Cella, M., Gilfilan, S., Colonna, M., Kober, D. L., Brett, T. J., and Holtzman, M. J. TREM-2 promotes macrophage survival and lung disease after respiratory viral infection. (2015) J. Exp. Med. 212:681-697. PMCID: PMC4419356 | View here

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